Bloody Carnage:Berserk’s anime review

Season 1: Review

Let us first talk about how Berserk is beyond evil. First episode shows the undead launching a spear threw a young girl’s body. They also kill her father in a rather explicit manner. The main character Guts, fails to protect either of them due to prioritizing his life. Its a world that would be too cruel for most of us today. Guts has a curse placed on him that attracts the undead, and lives in this world where monsters will attack at all times even during sleep. Guts appears to have been through a lot and has probably seen hell in and out. His character has a kindhearted aspect that shows during emotional situations. An incidence of this happened when Isidro a young swordsman, was hanging around the wrong crowd. Guts smoothly aided Isidro out of the dangerous situation. Isidro was impressed with Guts’ skills, and asked to become his apprentice. Guts replied by saying he had no need for an apprentice. Its not uncommon to see a small kid on his own in the berserk world. The entire world seems to be in chaos. Guts is like a walking tank, destroying everything in his path. When this guy engages in a battle it almost impossible not to be amazed. He is driven by a strong hatred towards apostles. These creatures are the ringleaders of the undead spirits, and Guts has epic battles with them. There people after Guts who want to arrest him for witchcraft and other crimes. Leader of the holy knights Farnese, encounters Guts while he was traveling. She sends her army to capture him , but Guts dominates them. She develops a massive hate towards Guts, because he tells her the truth. The truth that went against everything she believed in. Farnese religion has strict rules and a way of life that everyone must follow. She feels she must punish anyone that is disloyal towards the church. I think the reason she hates Guts is because of his free thought. Farnese being restricted to one belief, is jealous of people with free thought. She eventually got her best soldier Serpico, to capture the wounded Guts. When he got back to their base, a plot to escape was formulated. Guts sneaks into Farnese tent while she was changing clothes. (Gasp!) He then proceeded to capture her topless in order for him to escape alive. Now here is a savage if there ever was one. This act made Serpico furious, and he chased after Guts with the intention to kill. Serpico was hardly a match for Guts, since he had far less battle experience. Knowing this Serpico still fought for lady Farnese. During this adventure Guts got to show Farnese some proof of this truth he spoke of earlier. In a unknown place they encountered an apostle. Farnese was scared far beyond her wildest dreams, and didn’t want to be believe this creature to be true. I can’t say what she was thinking at this point because there was clear evidence in her face. Guts infuriated her once again and she vowed to hunt him down. This anime is incredibly explicit, but that’s what makes it so good. I would encourage everyone to watch it because it gets even better after season 1. Thanks for reading my blog once again, and lets spread the love of anime.


Phantom Assassination!

The Life of an Assassin

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, is one of the best anime I have seen! This anime exhibits human nature in its purest form. The point of desperation awakens a person greatest strength, but their emotions become replaced with instinct. Meaning a person will act without thought.  The most common desperation moment is right before death. This is the moment many living creatures fight for life rather by escaping, violence, or acceptance. Escaping is usually the option for the weak-minded. Violence tends to be a result of a kill or be killed mind-set. The acceptance of death can stem from fearful and enlighten individuals. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, character’s Ein and Zwei sum this up nicely. Ein’s character is an emotionless girl that serves as a puppet to a mad man. She’s not your average high school girl. Ein is a trained killer who knows only orders and targets. The purpose of her life is to kill, and without death her life has no meaning, Ein’s cruel reality is one placed on her by the organization Inferno. Inferno is an organization that seeks to rule the underground world, and Ein is their tool for doing so. Ein finds herself a student by the name of Zwei. Zwei happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. This lead him to be trained as an assassin. Brainwashing and three months of hardcore training was all Zwei needed to become a mindless killer. Ein and Zwei become an untouchable duo. This anime doesn’t care if it’s a infant, child, women, adult, or elder. All that matters is death of the enemy and those around them. The truth of our world is in plain sight with this anime. Mafia wars, gangs, crooked cops, and corrupted government  are all pieces to the puzzle. Aside from a trilling story. Animation is a solid 5 out of 5. Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is definitely a must watch anime. Thanks for reading blog, and look forward to more blogs.

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Would you bet your life on this?

Kakegurui is an anime centered on a high school that gambles. There’s no reason to worry about homework or GPA, because to make it at this school. You need to be able to bet everything you have and climb to the top. This anime can be very addictive, leaving you wanting more. It all starts when the new girl in school Yumeko, begins to outclass her seniors. Yumeko’s passion for gambling is vibrant and visible to everyone. She puts it all on the line, because of her intense feelings that came with it. She makes very few friends at this school, because not everyone is trustworthy. Suzui is an honest boy, who sucks at gambling. Yumeko sees a potential in the boy, and befriends him after just meeting. Suzui was on the verge of giving up, but Yumeko gave him hope. This could have very well been her tactic the entire time.  The student council is composed of talented individuals that take extreme risks. Most of them are willing to lay their lives down for a game of chance and luck. Yumeko matches mostly with the student council president. Her main goal is to battle the president, while risking it all. What would it be like to go to this school? Would you like it more than the traditional school environment, or maybe just the opposite? Thanks for reading my blog, please come back for more. Don’t get get lost in the fog, follow quindesblog.

This is why Naruto is better than Boruto!

Quinde-San Talk: Episode 3

Let me fist say how much respect I have for both Naruto and Boruto. Masashi Kishimoto is leaving an incredible mark on the anime community. I have heard some people think Bourto is better than Naruto, and I am here to defend Naruto. I know most Naruto fans will agree with me on this, but this is for the non-believers. Yeah, you over there. Lets jump right into it! Boruto has potential, but these build up episodes are just not up to par. Boruto is more advanced in jutsu than Naruto during his academy days. Sadly this is very hard to tell, because of the mediocre fights. The battles between ninja have really taken a turn for the worst. They aren’t nearly as dramatic or suspenseful compared to the Naruto series. Boruto’s fight in the hidden mist is an prime example of this. Boruto got into complications between Kagura and other hidden mist ninja. They were supposedly the new seven swordsmen of the hidden mist. I know that they were experienced and didn’t have as much strength as their predecessors, but for Boruto to be able to challenge them was unrealistic. I honestly couldn’t tell whether Boruto was strong, or if the mist ninja were weak. Sarada’s battles however, seem to have a high amount of potential. Its hard to tell where they are going with Boruto’s character, but we definitely can expect better battles. It looks like the roles of Naruto and Sasuke are switched with Sarada and Boruto. Boruto will be the one to be jealous of Sarada for her increasing abilities. Sarada will take the dream of becoming the Hokage. Let’s talk about the original Naruto series; season one. Naruto’s first season had everything it needed to attract viewers. The battles were realistic and suspenseful. Naruto’s battle with Zabuza and Haku, were a prime example of these traits. Naruto an Sasuke would have died in their battle with Haku, if it wasn’t for the nine tails. This is an example of realislistc battle. Naruto never had a boring fight. There was always some emotion to come along with. I think that’s the key difference between the two as of right now. Naruto needed to attract viewers, while Boruto started with viewers. Boruto lacks this key attraction, because it doesn’t have to work as hard as Naruto did. The Boruto series is like a rich kid with everything the world has to offer. Although that could be just what they want Boruto to be. Thanks for reading you guys, and I hope you enjoyed today’s topic.

Magic Exists.

Who doesn’t like magical fights? The Asterisk War has the best of them. It’s my dream dream to become a mage with massive power levels. If only I lived in a world of fairies and spells. These feelings derive from this anime. The main character Ayota, is my inspiration. Ayota, starts his school year off with a bang! As he challenges the top dogs of the school. Seeing someone start an unwanted fight with Julis was enough to get him involved. Ayota is the smooth, and calm character. He has the skill and potential to climb to the top. Julis sees him as another person she will one day need to defeat. Julis plays the hard to get girl, that has a bigger goal life. We all know they will get together sooner than later. Julis needs to bring wealth to her people. Therefore she has to defeat everyone else at the school. Ayota decides to aid her goal. The second season kicks off with them teaming up during a tournament. They don’t have the best teamwork just yet, but it surely is to come. Their competition is no walk through the park, but their teamwork pushes them to victory. It’s a mystery as to why Ayota wants to help Julis. The possibilities are endless. Could it be because of her beauty, fighting skills, or for his own self gain? Ayota wishes to find his sister that disappeared. I bet Julis will lead Ayota to his sister. That’s the vibe this anime has left me with. Season 3 of The Asterisk War shouldn’t disappoint us too much. I will definitely be awaiting its arrival. Thanks for reading my blog, and come back for the next one tomorrow.

2017 Top 5 Anime!


ACCA:13-Territory Inspection Department:

ACCA first aired during Winter of 2017. Star Character Jean Otus was in charge of preventing government corruption. This empire was a peaceful one ,but there were some people who wanted a bigger piece of the cake. Jean’s duty was to stop these people in their tracks. He communicated with all the nations, and checked for irregular behavior. Although Jean is a dull character, the story manages to attract your attention. The political aspect of this anime made it great. ACCA is ranked 5 on this list because the other titles have better suspense and action.


King’s Game

King’s Game came out Fall 2017. One of the more recent titles on this list. KIng’s Game is centered on Nobuaki, and a twisted game that gives unreasonable commands. Nobuaki struggles to hold everyone together as the game progresses. There is no clear reason for why the game targets Nobuaki and his classmates, but once you are in the game there is no way out. King’s Game is suspenseful, blood thirsty, and spontaneous. It’s a must watch anime, so don’t miss it.



Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite, caught the eyes of many during Summer 2017.This isn’t your average school. Ayanokouji and his classmates compete with each other to move up the class ranks. Currently being in Class D, makes for an even greater challenge. Horikita, Ayanokouji’s partner in crime aids in their advancement. Many Classroom fans think they will make a great couple. There are way too many twist and turns to know for sure, but their characters are a great match. A lot of true colors came out during season one, and the most surprising had to be Kushida. Classroom brought a lot fun to school this year!


Evil or Live

We have another great Fall 2017 title here. Each episode of Evil or Live was better than the last. Its a world obsessed with the internet, and kids are sent to a correctional school to prepare for real life. This isn’t a school that you want to attend, because of the abusive training and treatment. Hibiki is a newcomer to this school, but no one is greeting him. Hibiki is caught up in a string of complications, and the only way out is to take over the school. On his path is a lot of mental stress and hardship. Will Hibiki be able to overcome this and rise to the top? We will only find out in season 2.


Saga of Tanya the Evil

The number 1 anime of 2017 is Saga of Tanya the Evil! This anime left its mark on 2017 because of the gruesome behavior of the main character Tanya. Tanya is at war with the nations, but her real war is with God. Despite seeing God with her own two eyes, she continues to battle the creator.Tanya started off as a man in Japan, and believed strongly in survival of the fittest. He constantly neglected other people and caused someone to want his life. Upon death he met God, who told him all his wrong doings. This did not faze his state of mind, and God set out to make Tanya need for him. This anime was top dog in the anime world!

If you haven’t seen these titles, I suggest you do before 2018 anime rolls out. Thanks for reading and I will see you guys next time.

Top Anime!


Who would have ever taught work could be so much fun! Souta and the gang make it look amusing. This anime is one of a kind. If you have not seen its beauty, I suggest you get to it. I would love to apply for this restaurant. You get to see how coworkers can make or break a part time job. I’m going to tell you why this anime is so great. Let’s talk about it! It all starts with Popura, as she recruits Souta to the crew. Popura is a high school girl, although on first sight she my appear to be in grade school. Souta sure did think that was the case. Souta apparently has an obsession for all things tiny. Popura is his sole reason for working at the restaurant. Souta soon realizes that he is the only decent worker there. Popura is too short to do half of the work. The head server Yachiyo, attends to the manager more than the customers. The head chef Satou, provides some relief for Souta.  He is a good worker,but doesn’t care much for other people. The atmosphere in the kitchen is family-like. This is the case when any group of people spend so much time together. Its the ideal work environment to be apart of. Souta begins to get adjusted to his coworkers, to his surprise things went down hill.

Souta meets Inami for the first time. She really left a mark on him, literally! Inami hates men and punches them on sight. Yes, she has daddy issues! The first incidents of these assaults were hilarious. Inami’s uppercut on Souta never gets old, but Souta hopes it does soon. The manager Kyouko, is probably the funniest person of the group. She never does any work, but loves to eat all the food. This an accuracy description of most managers. You have to love how relatable this anime is to the viewers. I think that’s what attracts most people to this anime. It shows all the bad things of working in the food industry, and it does so in a comedic fashion.

Lastly I want discuss one of Souta’s older sisters Izumi. Izumi is my favorite of them all, because of her strange personality.  She is a writer with an unstable mind and feeble body. Izumi’s dream is to write great romance novels, but she has constant writer’s block. Souta attends to her the most out of the four sisters. On the rare occasion, Izumi will gather the energy to go outside. She is quite beautiful when energized. Her character is interesting to me, and complements Souta’s character. What do you guys think of this anime? Is it relatable to your experiences? Please comment your thoughts. Thanks for reading my blog. Quinde-san out.


She’s Crazy!!!

Mirai Nikki

Let’s all thank Sakae Esuno, for creating Mirai Nikki. This amine had a good mix of love and crazy. I would love to have a girl like Yuno. There’s no love like crazy love. I have actually experienced this in my latter years, but that’s a topic for another day. Yukiteru is as average as can be, but suddenly his imaginary God decides to spice things up. I would like to talk about Yuno’s and Yuki’s love. I will start with Yukiteru point of view.  Yuki sees Yuno as a girl who is way too obsessed over him. She has a diary that tells her everything Yuki is doing. We can all agree on that being weird, but you can never understand until you actually experience it. Imagine a person all over you, and telling you things you never even thought about before. It can be a bit overwhelming, and may cause you to push that person away. This is want Yuki wanted to do, but he needed Yuno to protect him. Without Yuno, he was a helpless animal lost in the forest. Yuki also didn’t know if he could trust Yuno, because she was also a player in this game of survival. I wouldn’t trust her anymore than Yuki, because that would be hard considering the situation. Yuki was weak however, and depended on her. Later in the anime he saw that Yuno feelings were real and she only wanted to protect him. Yuki couldn’t bypass her crazy mental though, so he tried to correct her. This didn’t go as planned, because Yuno threw a curve ball in every direction he turned.

Let’s now observe Yuno’s viewpoint to better understand this twisted love. Yuno is a beautiful girl despite the craziness. Apparently her love for Yuno comes from a past encounter, that sprung her heart to Yuki. Anyone that has seen Future Diary, knows how crazy this girl can be. Given her unknown past, one might think there’s a reason for her actions. Despite the killing, Yuno has a lot of love for this one person that she barely knows. Although she might know more than we think, considering she stalks Yuki constantly. I guess if you were all alone in the world, and one person shows you a glimpse of hope it would have some effects.  Yuno’s case was severe! Yuki could barely take breath without her latching on to him. She was in love, and we all have heard how love makes you do crazy things. I don’t think having a girl like Yuno would be so bad. You wouldn’t have to worry about her cheating or anything for that matter.  To return that much love takes some sacrifice. Friends are out the picture, and most of everything else is too. Yuno does attempt this feat, because he knows how much she cares. This anime was very interesting to watch. Would you want a girl like Yuno, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and come back next time. Follow me n twitter at quindesbloglife.